I need them and I can’t walk away

“Which is better?” she said to me.  “One? Or Two?  One … Two…”

“Two,” I said.

This went on for about three or four minutes.  A few moments later, the procedure repeated.

Essentially … I’ll have new glasses in about two weeks.  That “one and two” was an eye exam.

After five decades WITH glasses … and a month or so without them … I decided it was time to return to glasses full-time.

I’m getting a pair of prescription progressive lenses, which will allow for up-close viewing to compliment my long-distance sharpness.

There’s a couple of factors as to why I’m doing this.

For one thing, it’s personal choice.  I’m so used to having glasses on my nose and glasses in my life, that it was hard to imagine life without them.

And I’ve tried the $25 reading glasses … but between having to take them off for long-distance viewing – and misplacing them when I’ve taken them off … it just didn’t work.

And it reminded me of how, many years ago, I tried contact lenses.

Boy, that was a big mistake.

I purchased a pair of soft toric contact lenses, and thought I could kick the eyeglasses habit.  No dice.  After a few weeks of contacts and cleaning and care, I developed a nasty sensitivity to sunlight.  It got so painful, I started wearing sunglasses AND contacts at the same time.

No.  That didn’t work.  So I went back to the specs.

Even the thought of my cataract surgeon offering me the “mono-ocular” option (fixing one eye for distance and one eye for close-up) didn’t seem like a worthwhile option, in that my brain might get the signals mixed up and develop problems from both ends of the mix.  Not good at all.

So I’ll work with these drugstore cheaters for a couple more weeks.

Then I’ll go back to prescription eyewear.

I know it seems silly.  And vainglorious.  And self-aware.

But on the positive, I don’t have cataracts any more.  So at least there’s a plus in that.  Right? 😀