Marc Hunter’s “Night and Day” is an Album I Want to Be Buried With

My unabashed love for the New Zealand rock band Dragon is unquestioned and undisputed.  That being said, you don’t normally expect the charismatic lead singer of a rock band to record an album of jazz and pop standards, and if he does, you don’t expect it to veer too far from what fans would normally anticipate.

That being said, the moment I heard Dragon frontman Marc Hunter take on everybody from Cole Porter to Burt Bacharach, with a solo album called Night and Day, I was hooked.  I fell in love with the entire album, and I’m taking it with me to the great beyond, come the day when I must travel.

Right from the first track on the LP, a cover of the classic “Walk On By,” you can tell that Marc really enjoys the source material and wants to make these tracks stand out.


He also takes a soulful swing at the classic Ray Charles track “You Don’t Know Me,” and hits a 6er for it.  That’s cricket talk, mind you.  I think it means he hit a six-run homer, but that’s about all I know about cricket.

The title track is just magnificent.  He can just go from a low rumble in his voice to a soaring tenor without even a stop.

And how about taking a James Bond theme song and making it a smooth jazz standard?   We’ve got that here in Marc’s take on “You Only Live Twice.”

And the cool thing is … when Valentine’s Day is just around the corner … put these tracks on your home stereo system, light a few tealight candles and lower the lights … perfect atmosphere for a romantic setting.  Trust me on this.

Just another addition to my afterlife playlist.  And what a great addition it is.