The Apple TV upgrade

I recently acquired a brand new Apple TV module for Christmas.  It’s the version where you can press a button on the remote, tell the TV to rewind for two minutes because you missed what someone had said, and so on and so forth.  This new Apple TV module allows me to add new channels to my viewing, so I can specifically add apps like the History Channel app (yep, can’t get enough of Chum Lee on Pawn Stars and that chub-faced guy on Forged in Fire saying “It will KEAL”), or the Investigation Discovery app (did you know there were six seasons of the sex-and-scandal series Scorned: Love Kills?) and the new DC Universe app (Doom Patrol actually looks great, it’s like someone took the Deadpool movies and made a TV series out of them).

So now I have two Apple TV modules.  And I only have one television.

So I contacted my son Kris.  Kris lives in Washington State with his wife Tanya, and they’re making their way the only way they know how.  (cue Waylon Jennings on guitar)

“Do you want my old Apple TV module?” I asked.

“Sure, thanks Dad,” was the response.

Okay.  First things first.  I am one of the few people in the world that doesn’t share my Netflix password.  And I don’t share my WWE Network account.  Since I didn’t need Kris discovering my addiction to Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes and vintage NXT matches with the Iiconics, I had to get the old Apple TV module wiped to factory settings.

I could have done this at home … but I didn’t think that far ahead.

So I took the module – along with the remote and the power plug – to the Apple Store in Crossgates Mall.

I asked one of the techies at the “Genius Bar” to help me wipe the unit to its original factory settings.

She disconnected a current Apple TV unit, plugged my old one in, took my remote, skimmed through some settings requests, and 20 minutes later – with some additional time for firmware upgrades – my Apple TV unit was factory-clean.

A quick stop at Best Buy to purchase an HDMI cable for it, and all was complete.

Last Friday, I packaged the old Apple TV module, its proprietary remote control,  the module’s power plug, and the HDMI cable in a Priority Mail packet and sent it off to Washington State.  It’ll probably get to Kris by Tuesday or so.

And Kris is smart enough to figure out how to attach the Apple TV unit to his television set.  And since Apple TV can connect to iTunes on his laptop or desktop, they can also watch downloaded TV episodes at their leisure.

So yeah, I sent five things in that Priority Mail packet.  The module, the remote, the power cord, the HDMI cable … and one other thing.

That “one other thing” is for a separate blog post.

You’ll understand – I will post about the fifth item in another blog.

Don’t want to spoil the surprise in case he reads this blog before he gets the package, right?