The Patroons lost last night, 111-89 … now it’s time for a road trip…

The rest of the TBL Basketball League has caught up to the Albany Patroons.  After racing through their opponents with a 7-game winning streak, the Pats have now lost three of their last four contests – including – quel courage! – a 111-89 loss to the Jamestown Jackals, Albany’s first loss at the Armory this season.

Okay, I’m still kinda processing this.

Even with a near double-double of 24 points and 9 rebounds from Darius Paul, and 16 points in the second half from Schenectady’s own Rashaun Freeman – who put everything he could on the court to keep Albany close – the Pats lost in front of a decent crowd … and are now 8-3.

And this is right before a big fat six-game three-week road trip.

Talk about crippling momentum.

After upcoming games in Queens (against the New York Court Kings) and in Jamestown, the Patroons leave the Empire State for Pacific time zone games at Mesquite, Nevada; a game in San Diego against the Waves, and a game in Yakima against the dreaded Sun Kings.  The Patroons don’t return to the friendly confines of the Washington Avenue Armory until March 15, when the Court Kings return to town.

The kicker, though, is this.

The Patroons will recover from last night.  They will recover from this slump.  Maybe it will take a road trip through the West Coast to get the Pats revitalized.

All I know is what I’ve seen before with this team.  If things don’t work, adjustments are made.  And this is now the time for players to step up.  Make their mark.  Show their strengths.

It can be done.  I’ve seen it before.

And with the Patroons … I know I will see it again.

Yesterday’s loss was just that – a game from yesterday.  Now it’s time to regroup, refocus, eliminate what went wrong and concentrate on what can go right.

Because there’s still a TBL championship on the horizon.

And we need to be part of the discussion.

And not a discussion of “well, we should have been there, but…”