The Adventures of Lil’ Margie

Back in high school, Alfreda Tillman and I were best buddies.  We still are today.  So when she posted some news on her Facebook page, I felt it was important enough to share on my blog.

Alfreda’s niece Nakia Tillman just authored a new children’s book, The Adventures of Lil’ Margie, a book about Nakia’s grandmother – Alfreda’s mother.  This is nice.

And yeah, it’s worth supporting.

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The book, with illustrations by William Rucker and Samuel Davis III, will have an opening-night reception at Capital District Latinos, 160 Central Avenue on August 17.  I know it’s far out in time, but that’s why we “save the date” for important moments like this.

Besides, there’s the important role of family histories – to tell the stories of those who came before, and share those stories with those who have yet to travel.  Their stories are our stories.  And we must tell them, whether those stories are glorious or inspirational or challenging or definitive.

Plus … it’s my buddy’s niece.  What point is having a blog if you can’t share the joyous news of your friends’ accomplishments whenever possible?

So yeah, I’m going to this – August 17, 2019 at Capital District Latinos in downtown Albany, and I hope you’re able to attend as well.