Albany Patroons lose close one to – you know it – Yakima

So I got the call early yesterday afternoon.  “Can you cover the internet broadcast by yourself?”

My partner on the broadcast, John Longton, had a prior commitment and was unavailable Friday night.

No biggie.  You step up and help your teammates.  That’s how it works.

Of course, that means my first Albany Patroons full broadcast is … against … the … dreaded … Yakima Sun Kings.  They are the New England Patriots to my Pittsburgh Steelers.  They are the Bill Russell to my Wilt Chamberlain.  They are the team that comes in and no matter what the Patroons do, the Sun Kings leave with a victory.

Okay, Chuck.  All you need to do is call the game – AND be a supporter for the Sun Kings fans who have tuned in on the internet broadcast from their homes in Washington State.

You know what, though?  I did it.  I grabbed two cans of diet cola and a Snickers bar and I did the broadcast.  And thank GOD I had two cans of soda, my voice was kinda raspy partway through the fourth quarter.  Second can of carbonation came in handy.

And for all the Patroons did, they did claim an early lead.  It was as many as 12 points at halftime.  But little by little, the Sun Kings came back.  They had this one kid, Robert Duncan, who dropped 26 points and 10 rebounds on the Patroons.  How the hell do you fight back from that?

Oh we tried.  Darius Paul with another double-double.  EJ Gallup launching “3J Gallup” 3-pointers.  Steven Cunningham with another monster slam to start the action.  But the Sun Kings did not go away … then they tied … then they moved ahead.  And then they won.

Damn it.

All right, deep breath.  Albany has two road games this week, including a trip to Jamestown and then a make-up rescheduled date in Kentucky against the Owensboro Thoroughbreds.  And a playoff spot is on the line for the Pats.

Albany has to do this.  There’s at least a half a dozen home games left.

And who knows?  Next time I could be selling popcorn, I could be handing out towels … I may need to work on my jump shot, in case they need a small forward.  😀