Do not mess with Katie Porter. EVER.

Currently, the House of Representatives has some amazing new members who have, for lack of a better term, shaken up the old guard.  Of course you know many of them – Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar – and, of course, these brilliant members of Congress have been lightning rods for the far right.  Well, you know what?  Lightning rods attract lightning so that houses don’t get struck.  Bravo to them.

And bravo also to Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), who has shown tremendous skill and dedication in her freshman year in Congress.  This Congresswoman has stared down bank presidents and CEO’s and called each one of them out on their hypocrisy, on their onerous actions, and on their straight-up bullshit.

And trust me.  As an average consumer, I know how tough it is to balance my budget in today’s expensive world.

In fact, watching some of these clips – where Rep. Katie Porter just straight-up eviscerates these corporate fatcats – the damage is quite satisfying.  Rep. Porter breaks the concepts down in simple terms, wiping away as much confusing and cryptic doublespeak as she possibly can.

Here’s an example of Katie Porter’s skills.  Watch her surgically dissect the CEO of Equifax – one of the three major credit reporting services – over the Equifax credit information breach and its effect on millions of consumers.

Holy cow.

Explained in clear, concise terms.  Straight up fire.

Here’s another clip of Rep. Katie Porter in action.  Consumers have been pummeled by the payday loan industry, which charges usurious and predatory interest rates for loans that border on corporate loansharking.  Rep. Katie Porter interviewed one of the Trump Administration’s directors of the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau, Kathleen Kraninger, and basically took that director to economics school.

This is fun.  Kraninger tried to Trumpsplain what an APR was, tried to minimize Porter’s knowledge of the situation – until Porter dropped a textbook on the problem.

Ha.  This is fun.

Hey, can we get Rep. Katie Porter to interview the CEO of JPMorganChase, Jamie Dimon, about entry-level positions and how a “minimum wage” is in no way a “living wage”?  Sure, let’s watch.  Bring your popcorn, this is fun.

After the Congressional hearing ended, I’m sure Jamie Dimon was looking under the table to find out whether everything was still there.

Honestly, Rep. Katie Porter is no slouch.  She was a former law professor.  She studied under the best in the business.  And now she’s fighting for the citizens in her California district – and, by extension, she’s also fighting for hardworking Americans who want to provide a home and a life for their families without going into financial ruin or permanent indebtedness.

Oh yeah, and then there was that one Trump administration spokesperson who tried to Trumpsplain why Congress shouldn’t see the President’s tax returns, surggesting that Congress isn’t smart enough to decipher the tax returns.

Gee, guess which House member is willing to take on that challenge?

Trust me.  Rep. Katie Porter isn’t some temporary worker at H&R Block.  She’s dedicated and intelligent and a worthy member of the House.

And she doesn’t put up with anyone’s bullshit.