A vote for Nelson is a vote for America!

A couple of years ago, my best buds Jeremy and Katie adopted a rescued pitbull.  The dog, Nelson, became an integral part of their family.  He’s gone from a life of uncertainty to a life of happiness.

And now he has a chance to enjoy a life of publicity.  Or at least a month’s worth.

Nelson is one of several rescued pitbulls under consideration for a photo shoot for an upcoming calendar.  The calendar, produced by Rottie Empire Rescue, wants fans to vote on their favorite rescued pitbull, and Nelson is in the running.

These are the specs.  And here is the link to vote for Nelson.

I mean, how can you deny this magnificent beast your vote?

Trust me, this is Albany, where the motto is vote early and vote often.  And you can vote for Nelson at this link.

And in Albany, Nelson is a very politically minded dog.

His policy on taxes?  “Woof.”

His policy on minimum wage?  “Ruff.”

His policy on the postal service? “Bark.”

His policy on a fire hydrant on every corner?  (wagging of tail)

The best way to explain this is that Nelson has found his forever home, and Jeremy and Katie have really treated Nelson like the prized pup that all dogs dream about.

Voting continues through April 30, and you can vote once per day for your favorite dog.  Of course, that means your favorite dog is Nelson … 😀

And you can vote for Nelson here.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Hey Chuck, how much are you getting out of this?”

Well, I do accept paid political advertising… and Nelson has promised to provide two dog bones for every vote he receives. #hahahahaha

But if you have a chance today or at least until the end of the month, how about making Nelson’s and his puppy-parents’ dreams come true?

Oh yeah, and in case you’re not 100% sure of where to vote…

Right here.  Vote right here.