The Royale with Cheese TV Club: HBO’s Deadwood

One of the subjects of my blog is the Royale With Cheese Movie Club, an observation of films that everyone in the world has seen – except me.  Whether it was through circumstance or happenstance, I never got around to watching that film when it first came out, and after people tell me “You’ve never seen that film?  What’s wrong with you?” and spoiling it (yes, I know Bruce Willis is dead, I know that Rosebud was a sled, and I know all there is to know about the crying game…) – I eventually see the film, and write some review of hte product in this blog.

Three years ago, when I underwent foot surgery, I was cooped up in bed and had just acquired a Netflix subscription … so I binge-watched all 60+ episodes of Breaking Bad.  And I have to admit … it was a helluva show.  Well worth the time.

So recently HBO aired a trailer for a movie based on their mid-2000’s Western series Deadwood.

And I watched the trailer and thought … this is pretty interesting.  But who the hell are these characters?  Who’s that one guy with the intense face and the Irish accent who’s screaming and hitting everybody?  What’s happening here?

And it occurred to me … Chuck, you’ve got an HBO digital subscription, and HBO has nearly every drama they’ve ever aired as an on-demand option…

It’s only 36 episodes spread over three seasons … if you watch an episode a day, you’ll be fully caught up by the time the movie debuts.

Okay …

It only took me 15 years to start watching this series…

But I watched the first two episodes of Deadwood.


This show is intense.  And you really have to pay attention to things.  This isn’t a Western series with black and white defined moralities – there’s more shades of grey than in an E.L. James novel.

The cinematography is outstanding.  You actually feel like you’re in a grimy, aged Western camp town as opposed to watching a sanitized Hollywood backlot soundstage.

And the language – I should be used to this, since both Game of Thrones and Doom Patrol through the barnyard language around – but this show goes almost full Carlin in the first episode.

Then again, this show was created by David Milch, who worked for many years on one of my favorite cop dramas, NYPD Blue, which itself had plenty of bare butts and “bullshit” language in it, at least as much as ABC would allow on the air.  So now that the show’s on HBO, yeah you’re going to get every vulgarity in the vernacular.

So yeah, once I finish watching this HBO drama, I might try another HBO drama or two, just to catch up with everyone else.  I hear there’s a drama on this channel about drug dealers in Baltimore.  That, or I could watch that other drama about a crime family in New Jersey.

In other words … the Royale with Cheese Movie Club has just expanded its reach to television.

This could get interesting.  😀