There’s a change for the New York State Fair Photo Competition 2019…

It’s no secret that I have NOT had the greatest of success at the New York State Fair’s photography competition this year.  After landing pictures on the walls of the Harriet May Mills Art Center every single year, things changed for me in 2014 – when none of my images were accepted.

This happened in 2016 as well.  And in 2017.  One picture did make the walls in 2018 – but it was shown, it did not earn silk.

Personally, I felt frustration.  I felt that I wasn’t achieving the personal success that I had in the past, and in fact I felt that my photos were actually regressing in efforts.

It was frustrating.

And it was expensive.  Printing six 16×20 artworks ain’t cheap.

However, this year the New York State Fair has changed one of the parameters for entry.

First off, if you’re a photographer and a New York State resident, here’s the Call for Entries form.

Beginning with the 2019 season, the New York State Fair will only accept entries that are sized 11×14.

This is a big move.  It should allow for more entries to be displayed at the Art Center.  And it will also cut down on production cost for the photographer.

Now here’s the thing.  Even with this new rule, I still cannot guarantee that my photos will make the cut.  Theere’s still this nagging feeling that my work just isn’t good enough any more – at least not for Syracuse.

So let’s see if anything changes on that front.  Maybe things will work out this year.  Maybe the #Syracurse will break.

But no matter what happens …

At least it’s a change to the specs.  And it might be a good change that could benefit all entrants.

We shall see.

But yeah, if you are a photographer and a New York State Fair resident … go click on that Call for Entries above and send them your best works.  You get a maximum of six pictures, $5 per picture.

Let’s see how this all works out. 😀