We need to TRY.

I can’t watch the news any more without my blood pressure rising to TILT.  The utter insanity in Alabama.  The caging of children at the southern border.  Our ecology is in tatters.  And we have a micro-handed Cheeto in the White House.

There … I needed to say that.

But sometimes I just need an anthem.  Something to strengthen my resolve.  Something to help try to make at better life in this world.

And for that … I turn to my good friend, singer-songwriter Shane Howard, for an answer.

Shane has devoted 40 years of his life to music and to social consciousness, whether it was his anthem “Solid Rock” that helped Aboriginal tribes reclaim the sacred Uluru as their own; to the painful and haunting “Sorry,” a song about the Stolen Generation of Australia.

Today, Shane has released a song called “TRY,” in conjunction with the organization Totally Renewable Yackandandah.  Yackandandah, a town in northeast Victoria, Australia, was once a gold mining center; today it’s a dairy town that lives on tourism and history.  It also has a goal to achieve 100% self-sustainable, renewable energy by 2022.

To that effort, that’s where the proceeds from Shane’s song “TRY” are earmarked.  It was originally composed in December 2017 at the creation of the Yackandandah Mini Grid, which provides sustainable power to the town.

But here’s the thing.  “TRY” isn’t just about sustainable energy.  Take a look at the lyrics.

(© 2017 Shane Howard & Denis Ginnivan)

There’s a fork in the road
Just up ahead
It’s time to choose
The path that we tread
One leads to ruin,
Doin’ what we’re doin’
The other is a path
To a brand new start

If we try, try a little harder
Try to find, a better way
There’ll be no future, if we don’t make it
Where there’s a will
There’s a way
To a brand new day

The choice is plain
The future is clear
We have to be brave
We can’t live in fear
The world that we want
We’re goin’ to have to create
We’d better get it together
The hour’s getting late

If we try, a little harder
Try to find, a better way
There’ll be no future, if we don’t make it
Where there’s a will
There’s a way
To a brand new day

We’re goin’ to have to work together
Every woman child and man
We have to be smarter
The power’s in our hands
In a broken world that needs to heal and to mend
A new way starts
Where the old one ends

So this can be used as a personal anthem of choice.  We have the opportunity in our lives to make things better.  To make our lives better.  To make our world better.  All we need to do is TRY.

The track itself can be auditioned and downloaded from this link on Shane Howard’s website – it says it costs $1.69, but that’s Australian dollars; purchasing it with PayPal costs only $1.22 American.

Again … the song will help a small town achieve self-sustainability in utilities – and the song itself will help you achieve self-sustainability in your soul.  Trust me on this.