Why I support Kirsten Gillibrand for President (and so should you)!

We’ve got nearly two dozen men and women who have declared their intent to run for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020.

And depending on your personal situation, depending on what you want for our future, you might feel that Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris or any of the others might be your candidate.

As for me … I’ve made my support for New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for President.

Hear me out.

I’ve watched as Gillibrand has slowly but surely stuck to the issues of her candidacy – supporting a nationwide Family Bill of Rights to protect everybody, no matter their race, gender, or any other personal designation.  And I’m fine with that.

And she’s not afraid to stand up to strong questions about her plan.  Such as from last night’s Town Hall on Fox News.

Or when she stepped up to denounce Fox News – who hosted the town hall meeting – about perceived bias in their news stories regarding reproductive rights.

And trust me, she does NOT have a friend in the White House right now.

Yeah, sure.  Spoken by a man whose entire policy on woment’s rights is equal to “grab ’em by the pussy.”

Now of course we have to discuss the big issue that hounds Gillibrand, and still hounds her today.

And that’s her support and call for the resignation of Senator Al Franken over charges that the Minnesota senator made inappropriate sexual contact with women.  For many, Gillibrand’s support for the removal of Franken from office seemed like sabotage – that Franken was one of the Democratic Party’s rising stars, and maybe could have beaten Trump in a 2020 election – but that Gillibrand took her out like Tonya Harding’s goons took out Nancy Kerrigan.

I’m not saying it was the right choice – but Gillibrand felt that it was more important to side with the women who were previously afraid to speak up.  We aren’t ready for a world where The Handmaid’s Tale is considered a documentary.

I get it.  She’s not your average Democrat.  She’s an NRA member, one of the original “Blue Dog Democrats” who voted against the bank bailouts in 2008.  But even as an NRA member, she advocated for better gun control rules and licensing – which earned her the coveted “F” rating from the NRA.

Here’s the thing.  I understand what Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to do.  And I understand that she’s changed her position on certain political aspects over the years.  Some people call that flip-flopping, I call it evolution.  And in many cases, that’s what you need – to be able to evolve, to listen to your constituents, to take their concerns and make your voice be heard for the greater good of the country.

And someone’s going to say to me, “But Chuck, how are you going to vote for her?  Her poll numbers are nowhere near Joe Biden’s or Bernie Sanders’ or anybody else.  Don’t you want to support someone who could actually get the vote?”

And to that I say, “I want to support someone who I believe would be the best person for the job.  That’s why it’s my vote.  If you want to go vote for Joe Biden, feel free to do so.  I’m just stating my opinion, and you’re free to state yours.”

Fair enough?


Besides, I’d much prefer an intelligent discussion about political candidates this time around.

I’m getting sick of the discussion where one political figure calls his opponents “sleepy” and “crazy” and “Pocohontas” and other fourth grade recess nicknames.

Because this is for the United States of America.  It’s not for kickball competitions in the playground.

Fair enough?

FTC NOTE: This blog post is the unsolicited and unsponsored opinion of its writer.  No agreements or financial endorsements have been made by any candidate to influence the writer’s opinions or words for this article.