The Invasion (or: one more Corinth Reservoir starry night shot)

So last Thursday night, instead of photographing the fireworks downtown, I chose to go uptown – uptown in the Adirondacks – and photograph a clear starry night.

I captured a Milky Way cluster, and I also caught a sweet reflection of the Big Dipper in the Corinth Reservoir water.

I had one other experiment, and I think it turned out sweet.

I locked the tripod, and took several shots of the sky.  Then, I slowly took the lens out of focus – just a tick – and took more pictures.  And more pictures, and further out of focus.

When I was finished … I combined nearly 75 different images together …

Added a “lightening” blend to pick up all the star trails …

And boom.

The Invasion. Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 lens, 75 images combined in Photoshop. Photo (c) 2019 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Each little ripple on those stars is a five-shot burst – then a slight twist out of focus.

So can you imagine if you’re looking up at the night sky, and this is coming straight at you?

You’d probably run for cover and call Will Smith to see if he can take out the aliens one more time. 😀