Caption Time: Their First Ride Together

Sure, why not take the Russian 1100 MTO telephoto lens to the Saratoga Race Course (the flat track) on the HOTTEST day of the year … and stand by the rail … without any shade … and try to photograph from long distances as the horses round the final turn on their way to the finish line?

Yeah, I can do that.

No probs.

I did get some pictures – nothing major, I can tell you that this camera has an extremely narrow depth of field – I’m lucky if I get all four of the horse’s hooves in focus in one shot.

But I did get this nice little image of the guide horses as they finished leading the racehorses to the starting gate.

And rather than waste the shot …

I want you to come up with a good caption for it.

Keep it clean, but keep it creative.

And keep it in the comments section. 😀

Shot with Nikon Df camera, 1100mm MTO Russian cadiatrophic lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.