K-Chuck Radio: Musical Motivation

I’m trying a new photography technique today.  If it works, I will have some super-swank photos that will make for new opportunities.  So I need a little musical motivation.

And when I say “musical motivation,” I need the most positive, uptempo, run-thrugh-a-brick-wall-after-the-coach-gives-you-the-pep-talk tracks out there.

In other words, these are the songs I would listen to if I was in the locker room right now, and my team is about to take on the defending champions in the finals.

First, I need a strong dose of Motown, complete with that super-punchy double drum beat and that fluid James Jamerson bass line.

Let’s follow this up with some nasty thick surf music.  All the way from the Australian surf.

Now I need a track that is essentially a “get thee behind me, demons, tormentors and ex-wives” track. Cue Fitz and the Tantrums.

Now I need some more punch.  Some 1980’s New Wave.  And there’s one specific track – with one specific mix – that works for me.  This 1984 U.S. remix of the classic Ultravox track “One Small Day.”  By the way, why the hell isn’t Ultravox in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet?

Okay, now I’m so pumped up I want to take on the Empire.  I don’t care if it’s the Evil Empire, the Albany Empire, or Lucious Lyon’s Empire.  Hit it, Meco!

Now for a little old school rap.  And when I say “old school rap,” I’m talking about going all the way back to the Boogie Down Bronx, to street corner on Gun Hill Road.

Now let’s mix in a little 80’s freestyle house music.  Put John Robie on that Korg Synthesizer and let’s feel that pulse racing faster and faster and faster.

More horns.  More bass.  More drums.  Come on, I need to have enough energy to tackle Tom Brady, force him to cough up the fumble, and then run the ball into the end zone and win the game for the Steelers.

Now to control my heartbeat.  Gotta get it into that soulful groove.  In this instance … I call in the Godfather of Soul for a little bit of help.  Yow!!

The coach just wrote on the blackboard … I now know my assignment … I know what that moment will be … and now, in silent passage and reflection, I calm my mind and soul.  And there’s only one track that will calm me and channel me straight into battle.  Clear eyes … full hearts … can’t lose.

So … I’m ready to test this new photographic technique.

And I hope that it will work.

Because this victory today … will help me reach the championship tomorrow.

Open the locker room door.

Let’s go.


I mean NOW.