The creepiest Halloween story may be the show Lambs of God

Are you familiar with the term “gothic horror”?  It’s a term used to describe literature and films which possess a religious, creepy overtone. You know – your average season of American Horror Story.

Well, I may have found one of the creepiest graphic horror shows out there, and maybe – just maybe – it will appear in America some day.

Let me introduce you to Lambs of God.

Lambs of God, based on the novel by Marele Day, is a four-hour miniseries about three cloistered nuns – each a generation apart – who are the last survivors of their isolated convent.  The sheep that they raise on the convent grounds – the same sheep that they shear for yarn and wool – are believed by them to be the reincarnations of their sisterhood.  Literally, lambs of God.

Their isolated life is interrupted by a visit from a parish priest, who believed the property to be abandoned and who is currently investigating its worth as a future hotel and resort.  Trust me, the nuns aren’t interested in that.  Which would explain why they capture the priest and torture him.

Trust me, folks, this is not a retelling of The Thorn Birds.

Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale will recognize Ann Dowd as one of the sisters in the drama; while international stars Essie Davis (Game of Thrones), Sam Reid (Prime Suspect) and Jessica Barden (Penny Dreadful) filling out the cast.  And boy oh boy is this a ride.

Now where will Lambs of God appear in America?  Possibly on HBO, since the series has run on several HBO-based platforms in other countries.  Possibly on BBC America, since this was produced in a British Empire country (Australia).  Possibly on Netflix, because everything ends up on Netflix at some point in time.

But once it does show up in America … you need to see this film.

Trust me, it’s plenty creepy.

Even from the short clip you see embedded in this blog post.