Who’s got a good recipe for homemade chicken soup?

That’s one nickname for it, the Technicolor yawn.  Another name is to pray to the holy god of porcelain.  If you do it in Disney World, they call it a rainbow or a protein spill.

But for a couple of days last week … I had a seriously upset stomach.  I could not hold ANYTHING down.  Not even water.

And when you have a busted ankle and you’re confined to bed except for emergency trips on your little knee scooter to the bathroom … it’s tough.

Luckily, I had a garbage can next to the bed, and when the nausea hit, I was able to roll over and … well, I don’t have to get too graphic.

But it was a nasty, virulent 48-hour stomach bug, and even today it’s left me very weak.

I have absolutely no idea where I picked it up.  Maybe it’s from the inactivity of my normally active body.

Thankfully, the 48-hour bug seemed to have checked out at hour 49.

Now comes the part where I work my way back to solid foods.

Diet ginger ale to settle the tummy.  Jell-O.  Maybe even some beef broth.  Then I can work towards a buttered slice of toast.

I have to get my strength up.  This is not easy.

But I’ve gotten past the worst of this ankle injury.  Going from a splint to at least a removable walking boot.  But I still need to take care of myself.  I can’t let the poisons and bugs and viruses infect me.  Not now.

I know the one thing that could have cured this ailment.  My Grandma Betty’s chicken soup.

Because if you have a sainted Jewish grandmother, they can make chicken soup and that taste treat would cure anything.  Grandma Betty made hers with store-bought alphabet pasta, and some chopped up carrots and celery.  But that’s really all I know about it, I don’t truly have the full recipe.

Trust me, at this point I’ll chug down a can of Campbell’s if it would help me get back on the balance.

But if there’s any blog readers who have an old family recipe for chicken soup laying around … please send it to me.  Once I get it made, I could even turn it into a “Bachelor Cooking” segment on this blog.

For the moment, though, I’m hoping to slowly bring my tummy back to a normal balance.  One step at a time.

Ha. One step at a time, the man with the broken ankle says. 😀