What if they really did …

One of my good friends, blogger Lazygal – she’s over on the blogroll as the writer of the “Killin’ Time Being Lazy” blog – sent this to me.

She sent that to me, thought it might be a decent jumping-off point for a blog post.

So let’s play along.

  • What if Boy George thought he really DID want to hurt her, what if he really DID want to make her cry …
  • What if the dogs were NEVER let out?
  • What if December 1963 was just an ordinary night?
  • What if he wasn’t Henry VIII, he was?
  • What if they passed the dutchie from the right-hand side?
  • What if Johnny Lee was looking for love in all the RIGHT places?
  • What if Olivia Newton-John WASN’T the one that John Travolta wanted?  (I guess it’s not worth telling anyone about, stud…)
  • What if Kurt Cobain actually smelled like Axe Body Spray?
  • What if A Flock of Seagulls didn’t run very far away, instead just walked around the block?

At this point, I’ll let you play along in the comments section below.  Go for it. 😀