A little home comfort

About four years ago, I purchased a fold-out sofa bed.   It’s a comfortable twin-size bed, and I can get a good night’s sleep on it.  In the morning, I just fold the bed up, put the cushions on the sofa, and now I have a sofa.

Yeah, this bed makes me feel like a king.  Cue the old jokes about this being sofa-king great.

But recently, the bed has started showing its age.  A foldout bed, by its very nature, has a metal bar that runs along the bed fold.  And over time, that bar has found its way against the small of my back.

And the mattress – which apparently is made of metal coils – is sagging in areas.  The comfort level has drifted away.  It’s no longer a comfortable sleep.

But finding a replacement mattress for a twin-size sofa bed is nearly impossible.  You can’t go to Mattress Firm and order one, they’re more interested in selling you queen-sized and king-sized mattresses.  You know, the ones that DON’T fold into a couch.

I actually called Huck Finn’s – the store where I purchased the sofa bed – and asked if they sold mattresses that fit that unit.  Nope.  I then tried to find out the brand name of the mattress, and hopefully tie it to a manufacturing company who could ship me a new one.  Yeah, that didn’t pan out, either.

My options at that point were either sleep on the dilapidated mattress, to the point where I have aches and pains in my back, or go out and buy a new sofa bed that would have another mattress in it.  Yeah, that’s nto happening either.

So … after much searching and scouring on the interwebs, I found a place called Mattress Insider.  They offer memory-foam and contoured mattresses in all shapes and sizes – from standard beds to sofa beds, from RV sleepers to truck cabs.  Hey, do you have one of those heart-shaped beds from an old Poconos honeymoon hotel?  If Mattress Insider doesn’t have it in stock, they claim to be able to custom make that mattress for you.

So I ordered the mattress.  It arrived yesterday via FedEx Ground.

First thing I had to do was pull the old mattress out of the sofa bed.  And let me tell you, that mattress was a mess.  Straight up mess.  Not only were the springs pokign through the bottom of the mattress, I could see wear and tear that the metal foldout frame caused on the mattress.  Ugh.  I was sleeping on that??

Okay.  Let’s unwrap the new mattress – and lay it on the frame.

I had measured the frame at 34 inches wide, but the mattress arrived with a 35-inch width.  Luckily for me, the mattress fit inside the couch – albeit very snugly – so there’s at least that.

Of course, now that you have a bed, you must make the bed.  And I had purchased some checkerboard sheets for this new mattress – hey, new mattress, new sheets.  Same blanket, though … this Hudson’s Bay Company point blanket is as soft as butter.

So much thanks to mattressinsider.com for their quality work, quick delivery and immediate restful sleep.  Trust me, I appreciate the immediate restful sleep.