Wait, Phil Wills is hosting trivia games online?

I enjoy watching Bar Rescue on Sunday nights.  The Paramount Network often airs Bar Rescue marathons on Sunday, leading up to the new episode in the evening.  Nightclub entertainment expert Jon Taffer goes into a failing tavern, yells at the owner, yells at the staff, yells at the kitchen crew, and then helps them by building a new and improved bar.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

During the episode, Taffer will bring in several experts – there will be an expert for the kitchen (Vic Vegas, Tiffany Derry, Nick Liberato), and there will be an expert for the bar (LisaMarie Joyce, Mia Mastroianni, Shawn Ford).  One of Taffer’s more popular bar experts is Phil Wills, who can not only toss those bottles of whisky and bourbon around like a pro, but he can also make amazing cocktails.

Yesterday, I found out that Phil Wills is friends with one of the operators of the Catch the Mania trivia company, and that he would be hosting a “30 in 30” online trivia game.

Well this is a nice idea.

Let’s see if I can sign in for this.

Not only did I sign in for it, but I also did quite well – scored 25 out of a possible 30 points, including acing the movie round.  And I NEVER ace a movie round.

Throughout the game, Wills was a fun host, he introduced the trivia players to his wife and daughter, and had a good time being the guest trivia host.  In fact, the trivia game is archived on YouTube, and you can see it below if you want to play along.

This I can enjoy.  Hey, maybe Phil Wills can come back and do more trivia hosting.  That would be nice.

And if he’s not available, would LisaMarie Joyce or Mia Mastroianni be available?  😀

For more bar trivia – well, currently online trivia – check out trivtrak.com for both Trivia Nights Live and Catch the Mania trivia games that you can play from the comfort of your home.