That’s what we need today … two pandas getting their freak on…

I keep thinking about all we’ve lost this year.  Maybe it’s the developing PTSD from the COVID-19 sequestration, maybe it’s hearing all the frightening news each morning and not seeing any glimmers of hope.

And to think … only a couple of months ago, we were bemoaning 2020 as the year Kobe Bryant was killed and the wildfires destroyed Australia.

At this rate, I’m expecting four hurricanes and the San Andreas Fault earthquake before Thanksgiving.

But in this time of stress and struggle, we need to find those things that brighten our hearts.  We need to find those moments when we can smile once more.

Ladies and gentlemen … I found that footage.

And I have to warn you … it’s a bit graphic.  You’re going to see an example of what happens when a male and a female start, shall we say, knocking those boots.

A zoo in Hong Kong is currently shuttered due to COVID-19, and with nobody to gawk at the pandas, these two pandas started doing … well … you watch and see.

Not only are Ying Ying and Le Le mating, they’re also getting the groans and moans on as well.  And if you’ve ever heard panda bears having waves of pleasure – it almost sounds like one of them is trying to start a battery-drained pickup truck and the other one has the jumper cables.

So if there’s a mating problem with pandas, maybe the problem is that there were too many humans watching them.  Think about it.  Do you want people watching you while you’re intimate with your special someone?

Or maybe someone at the zoo figured out that the pandas just need a little mood music to – you know – get in the mood.  Perhaps a funky version of “Ode to Joy” could have done just that.

Then again, breeding animals in captivity has always been a big problem for zoos and wildlife centers.  In fact, way back in the 1960’s, some up-and-coming comedian did a routine about a zoo in Seattle that had tried to get its prized gorilla to mate.  Can’t believe that I actually remembered this comedy routine from back in the day.  And that it’s kinda creepy to hear the routine as performed by that comedian, knowing what that comedian did later in life.

But the big thing about today’s blog post is … if we can have a smile about watching pandas create “the beast with two backs,” then maybe we can find a glimmer of peace in this current COVID-19 hell.

Who’s with me on this?