Could that empty Diet Coke can be worth lots of money?

A few days ago, I received my grocery deliveries.  As I was running low on soda, I ordered three 12-packs of soda – Diet Coke, Fresca and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero.

The next day, I reached in the fridge, pulled out a can of Diet Coke … and …

Wait, this can feels a bit light.

I shook the can.  Sounded like there were only ten or fifteen drops of fluid inside.

I looked on every edge of the can.  Other than a few dents, there were no punctures, there were no voids … essentially, I had a can of Diet Coke – that was sealed without any Diet Coke in it.

Aw, man … I bought a 12-pack and I only got 11 sodas.  Nertz.

Well, may as well crack it open and get a mouthful of …

No, wait.  Let me try something.

I googled “unopened sealed empty diet coke can.”

And I received …

Well, there’s a ton of stories on the Internet that suggests that this little can of soda might be worth a quarter of a million dollars.

No, really.  Google “unopened sealed empty diet coke can” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

According to some of these news articles, there are people who will pay big money for pressurized, sealed, empty soda cans.

Awesome.  I then went on eBay to see the large prices garnered by these soda-less soda cans.

Yeah, you know that story about how you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet?  I think Abraham Lincoln said it once.

He was definitely talking about these “your empty soda can could be worth a quarter of a million dollars” deals.  There were over three dozen empty Diet Coke cans, all of them with opening offers of anywhere from $5 to $1,000 = and no bids or takers.  Some of the cans were even photographed as they were placed on a postal scale, just to prove the can’s emptiness.

Well, I’m still feeling a bit gypped.

Here’s the thing. There are tons of articles out there that will suggest that your empty, sealed Coke can is worth a king’s ransom.  That’s only if you can find a king who will pay a ransom for it.

Look, I know this can isn’t worth that much.  Heck, it’s probably only worth five cents on its redemption value.

But I still feel like I got shorted.  I’m out twelve ounces of Diet Coke, y’all.

Hmm.  The Diet Coke can has a telephone number.  The can also has a batch code number.

Maybe if I call them, they can give me something in return for my trouble.

On Friday, I called the Coca-Cola phone number that was on the soda can.  And after bouncing around for a few minutes in Coca-Cola’s phone jail, I reached a human being.  He asked me several questions about the can – what type of Coke was it, could I tell him all THREE batch numbers (top of the can, bottom of the can and side of the can), when it was purchased, where it was purchased, all that stuff.

He then took down my name and address, and assured me that Coca-Cola would make this right.  They’re sending me a coupon for a free 12-pack of canned Coca-Cola soda, any brand they make.  Gratis.


Now all I need to do is find a way to integrate a coupon like this into my next Instacart order. 😀