A 35-year-trip back in time?


I attended Hamilton College in the early 1980’s, from 1981 to 1985, to be precise.  And during that time, I found a little organization where I could actually feel worthwhile – it was the radio station, WHCL.  Reading news, producing promos, sourcing music, on-air talent, you name it, I did it.  Heck, during my sophomore year I had a Tuesday night show from 12 midnight to 2 a.m., and there was no way I was going DOWN the hill to my dorm and then going back UP the hill for an 8:00 a.m. class in Root Hall.  Hells no.  Why do you think there was a couch in the broadcast studio?  So I could sleep on it on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning.  Ha.

In May of 1985, I graduated from college, and left WHCL behind.  And outside of a six-month run at Schenectady radio station 3WD, my radio days were done.  Finished.  Kaput.

Then … out of the blue … an opportunity presented itself.

All thanks to COVID-19.

Last week, during a college alumni meeting (amazing what these Zoom conferences can do), someone told me that WHCL was still broadcasting.  How is this possible?  Broadcasting with no students?

Well, apparently some of the students are still putting their programs together and electronically submitting them to the station.  And with that in mind … there was a possibility of inviting former WHCL broadcasters to return to the college and put together another radio show.  One more time for old time’s sake.

Are you saying … I could return to the airwaves … one more time?


This isn’t some delayed April Fool’s Day joke, right?

A few days later, I received some paperwork from the college.  It asked what type of show I would like to host on WHCL, and if I wanted to come back and broadcast for the summer.

Hang on.  I have to think about this.

And I realized I had three options.  I could:

  • (A) politely decline, there’s no way I could travel 2 hours to the college and 2 hours back every week … oh wait, I could record my show and e-mail it in?
  • (B) politely decline, there’s no way I could put together a broadcast with any sort of regularity … oh wait, if I can write a blog post once a day, every day, without fail, for 11+ years, a summer broadcast series should be a cinch?
  • (C) politely decline, there’s no way I can play today’s alternative music, these kids are probably still listening to Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez and that 6ix9ine guy… oh wait, it’s my show, I can play whatever I want, so long as it doesn’t have curse words or I don’t play more than three songs by the same artist in a single hour?

Option D it is.  A quick download of Audacity, a quick rifling through my record collection, and …

I’m back.  Well, technically I’m almost back, I’ve submitted my available dates for the WHCL summer schedule, and we’ll see if an opening presents itself.

Hell, all I need now is an order of Tiny’s Wings from the Village, and the time travel trip is complete.

Look, I don’t anticipate this as a pathway to my own SiriusXM channel.  Heck, that’s why I have a blog and my K-Chuck Radio posts.

But … it sure would be nice to go back to the radio station, after lo these many years.

I’ll keep you updated if things change or progress.