My entries into the 2020 Big E Photography Competition

Although almost every one of my “Competition Season” locales has cancelled for 2020, I was able to submit some digital images to the Washington State Fair for their event, which will most likely take place in September.

As for the Big E … somehow they’re still planning on operating in September.  And, they’re accepting entries into their photography competition.  And there’s a bonus this year, so I’m taking this into consideration as well.

Now the Big E has a photography competition, you’re allowed to enter two images total – but this year, they added an additional summer category where one can add an additional image if they are able.  All images must have been captured after August 1, 2019, and they’ve added several subcategories this year, so we don’t have the all-encompassing “submit a photo” concept.

So if the Big E does operate in 2020 … my two official entries this year will be –


Double Feature, also Family Friendly. Nikon Df camera, Irix 25mm f/2.4 lens, two images combined in PhotoShop. Photo (c) 2020 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

There were several different iterations of this day-night photo I wanted to use, but in the end, I went with this simple two-scene image.  This will work for me.


High and Tight. Nikon Df camera, Laowa macro lens, 42 images combined in focus stack with Neewer focus rail. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Of all the macro shots I took during the early part of my COVID-19 quarantine, this one personally stands out.  I’ve taken photos of petals and leaves and twigs and buds … but how about a true fruit of springtime, a 75-year-old baseball?

Everything else will have to wait for 2021.

And as for the themed category for June submissions, the them is “Graduations.”  And trust me, I wanted to come up with something special.

Say hello to something special.


Graduation Celebration. Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Yeah, yeah, I know, there’s two drive-in themed entries.  Listen, the Jericho Drive-In timeslice photo is kick-ass, and you can see all the muscle and age in the baseball macro photo.  Those are my two best from 2020.  And once I heard that one of the drive-in graduation ceremonies would have pyrotechnics, I had to get some action on that.

Now I wait.  I won’t hear until August if the first two pictures will be accepted; but I should hear by the end of June if “Graduation Celebration” made the cut or not.

And by the way, if you want to enter a picture in the Big E’s July-themed photo contest, that category is “Working Together,” and they’re accepting one photo per submittor by July 20th.  Just in case you were interested in a quick photo competition of sorts.

So Competition Season may or may not be happening right now… but I’m still operating under the presumption that maybe it will.  😀