And the Big E is cancelled for 2020… ugh…

I know, I know.  I was hoping against hope.  But COVID-19 isn’t going away.  It’s getting stronger and it’s becoming more populous.  And a two-week event in Massachusetts that draws millions of fans during its run is not what we want to keep the spread of COVID-19 down.

Yesterday morning, the Big E’s President posted this message on YouTube.

The Big E is cancelling its 2020 season.  The last time the Big E went dark, it was during World War II.

That’s how dangerous and scary COVID-19 has become.

Hey, I already know I’m disappointed.  No eclairs, no cream puffs, and no photo ribbons in the New England Center for me.

Well, except for this photo. 😀

Graduation with a Bang. Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

The other day, I received my prize money for this photo’s success, so that check is on its way to my personal “Rainy Day” fund.

Every other fair I normally enter is either closed or closing; the New York State Fair is the only one that has not yet announced its decisions, and the Washington State Fair (where I sent digital entries) is still operational, but for how long I have no idea.

COVID-19 sucks eggs.  Let’s just call it as it is.

On the positive, I have a ton of photos all ready for 2021, not to mention whatever I can assemble from now until then.  Twice as many images, with the best ones still being available for future use.

But yeah… 2020 keeps getting worse.

And I do not like it, not one little bit.