Hi, Beatrice!

At the current point in my life, although I would love to own a pet, I really can’t have one.  Pets take a LOT of time and commitment, and although I appreciate those who CAN manage that relationship with their canines and felines, I know that I’m not able to provide that time at this moment.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t help others in need.  I donate to several humane societies and animal rights groups, so that even if I can’t own a dog, I can at least make sure that there’s a dog that’s been fed and inoculated and ready for a new home with another family.

Last week, I received word that an animal rescue group had acquired a cat and her just-born kittens.  All the kittens will eventually need new forever homes, and to help defray the cost of their care, the animal rights organization offered a “name the kitty” auction.  The highest donation per kitten would receive the rights to name a little furball.

And one of the kittens was this little treat.

Oh, sweet Lord, that is such a cute little kitten.  Aww…

Ah, what the hell.  I’ll put a bid down for this little treasure.

A few days later, I received word.  My bid was accepted, and I could now name the cat.


Okay, first things when naming a cat – you don’t have to be T.S. Eliot to come up with a good name for a cat.  Just think about something positive and cute.  Something that’s descriptive and playful.

In other words, you don’t name your cat Asshole.  No matter how funny you think that might sound.

And I also thought this cat should receive a human name.  We treat pet cats the same way we should treat our family members, and a cat should have a name that reflects his or her status in the family.  Nothing inferior, nothing superior, just right in the middle.

So I chose the name Beatrice.

Albany, New York has had a long and solid relationship with the Netherlands, from Albany’s original founding by the Dutch, to the usage of the word “patroons” to describe the original Dutch landowners that populated our regions.  In fact, this woman – Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands – visited Albany in the 1950’s, which later became the impetus for the construction of Albany’s Empire State Plaza.

If you want a more recent royal reference, how about Princess Beatrice of Great Britain, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, the Duchess of York.  Oh, did you know she recently got married?

So, Beatrice it is.

This morning, little Beatrice (the kitten) made her furry debut.

Take a look.

Holy dawnzer, Batman… I completely forgot about this Beatrice.  Or, um, Beezus.

Oh well.  No matter what, I hope that Beatrice finds a new home with a loving family and lives a very, very long and happy life.

And in the end, that’s really all we can ask for in this world.