Steve Bannon needs to watch Saturday morning cartoons

In the past few days, four men – including Donald Trump’s political advisor Steve Bannon – were indicted on charges of money-laundering and wire fraud, in connection with a plan to fund construction of Trump’s border wall with crowd-sourced funds.  You remember this, right?  When Trump couldn’t get the funding he wanted for his vanity project, someone started their own GoFundMe page to get a privately built section of the wall constructed.

Wow, watching Fox News try to explain this is like watching a kid explain why he wasn’t spraypainting graffiti on the building wall, when you can clearly see the red paint spray on his shirt.  Ha.

Oh yeah, I remember this.  Apparently the organizer of this little scheme even got Donald Trump Jr. involved to help promote the construction of this crowd-funded wall.

Well, apparently all the money that was funneled – not into building a wall – but into the pockets of the organizers.  That’s mail fraud.

And do you know who investigates mail fraud?  Do you know who caught Bannon and his flunkies?  The inspectors from the United States Postal Service.

I know, right?  Call me steely, because this is straight-up irony.

Listen, the USPS has their own police and inspection unit.  They investigate everything from contraband shipment to child pornography shipments, to all sorts of things.  And in 2015, they even had their own network drama series.

No, seriously.  On Saturday mornings.  What, you thought Saturday mornings was just for kids?  Silly you.

I guess this is the equivalent of NCIS: Zip Code, amirite?

Well, the series ran from 2015 to 2019, it won two Daytime Emmy Awards, and it was a nice morning drama series inbetween the hyperactive cartoons and nature shows.  In fact, at one point in time, The Inspectors broke through to pop culture superstardom when the show made its way to THIS program.

And if you’ve become part of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight … you’ve made the cut.

The Inspectors ended its television run in 2019, but all 104 episodes are streamable on the CBS All Access streaming service.

I guess Bannon and his chums will have plenty of time to binge-watch all the episodes while they’re sitting in Dannemora.  Hee.