“The guys get shirts!!”

I can’t remember if I ever had a WHCL T-shirt during my first run with the radio station, way back when I was a college student. I think some people made their own T-shirts – you know, silk screened a few for some friends, that kind of thing…

So last Wednesday, I’m parsing through my e-mail, and what to my surprise …

There’s this message from the WHCL General Manager.

Yeah you read that right, and no you aren’t dreaming.
We’re giving these bad boys away to ALL of our current DJs, free of charge! OOoOoOOOOOooooooh YEAH look at THAT We’ll start sending them out on Monday. Thanks for an incredible semester so far, and remember to keep PUMPIN’ THE WATTAGE

Holy Frequency Modulation, Batman … I’m getting a T-shirt!!

Oh, and not just any T-shirt…

THIS T-shirt!!

Now granted, the largest size available was XL, but this is an incentive for me to drop a few ounces around the belly.

But yeah, a real honest-to-broadcast legit radio station T-shirt.

And in the immortal words of the great Paul Anka, “The Guys Get Shirts!!”

Trust me, when I do a college radio show, I slice like a hammer.

I guess you had to be there.

And you’re probably thinking to yourself, “For crying out loud, Chuck, tamp down your excitement, will you? It’s only a T-shirt, it’s not like you’re getting a gold record or anything.”

You say that now … 😀

No, seriously. Although I haven’t been attacked physically by COVID-19, I have indeed gone through the emotional barrage. The social distancing. Masking up. Hand sanitizers. The loss of intimate contacts.

That being said … it makes a big fat difference to when I can go back to one of my college “happy places” (WHCL, the college computer center, or the Root Glen) and recalibrate myself. Especially after 35 years.

And yeah, you might think it’s just a cotton-polyester blended shirt, no big whoop…

But it’s a decent whoop to me. Because whether it’s the radio station or the Albany Patroons or shooting photos or anything else that makes me happy, I’m more than willing to show that happiness across my chest.

So yeah, this guy’s getting a shirt.

And that works for me.