How to pay the fEE

I own an 80-200 f/2.8 telephoto lens. It’s one of my most durable lenses, I’ve owned it for nearly 15 years. Heck, it goes back to the days when my primary camera was a Nikon D70. It’s an adaptable little shooter, it has been with me through my ownership of a Nikon D700, and my current tenure with a Nikon Df. I’ve also used it on some Nikon film cameras, like my F100 and EM.

But somewhere along the line, when I tried to attach it to my Df, I received a message on my display screen.


The fEE message is an error that means the camera and lens aren’t working properly with each other. It could be a faulty connection, it could be a mechanical issue.

But I want to take the camera out for a morning photo shoot, and I need that lens for my project.

Okay, let’s figure out what’s wrong.

The 80-200 f/2.8 lens works with both standard Nikon SLR’s and modern DSLR’s, and at some point I must have attached it to an SLR (most likely my EM) and adjusted some of the lens’s elements.

Then, when I put it on the Df, I completely forgot that I had made those adjustments.

A quick Google search helped me determine the problem.

I had to manually dial the lens to the smallest F-stop (which on that lens, is f/16) and lock it in place. Then I could attach it to the camera.


Oh, wait. Forgot to insert the Df battery.

Battery inserted.

Okay, why am I not reading anything on the SD card?

Hey, stoopnagle, you forgot to put an SD card in the camera.

Okay, SD card inserted.

I made some exposure adjustments on the Df, and …

The lens is working again. Yay.

So this morning, I’m going for a short photo walk. Nothing major … but I do need to get back in the shooting game. It’s been too long.

Plus, I have an idea for an upcoming photo project, and this will be a test of my equipment and its effectiveness.

And essentially … I paid my fEE. 😀