Buh-bye, Kellyanne Conway. Go the hell away.

Case in point. My blog has a four-year hate-hate relationship with Kellyanne Conway. Conway, who advised Donald Trump on his way to winning the 2016 Presidential election, who then violated the Hatch Act on numerous occasions (using her position as White House Special Advisor to hawk products and spew “alternative facts”), is now suddenly “seeing the light.”

Take a look at this tweet from Conway’s Twitter account.

Oh, you mean the seditious terrorism by the Y’all Qaida and the Q Cucks Klan? The one where five people, including a Capitol Police officer, were killed? The one where these treasonist bastards, egged on by Trump’s rhetoric of horseshit about rigged elections and manipulated voting machines, stormed the Capitol like it was an episode of Takeshi’s Castle?

No. Listen to me, you vulture. You enabled Trump at every step. You agreed with his “kids in cages.” You agreed with him gassing peaceful protestors so he could hold up a Bible in front of a church. You agreed with his legacy of cruelty and pain and bigotry and fealty. You agreed with his simplistic actions towards COVID-19, even when you and your entire family got hit with the virus. You went on television and spewed your bullshit “alternative facts” and talked about surreptitious events in history like the “Bowling Green Massacre.”

Photo by Alex Wong, Getty Images.

And NOW you want to talk about how bad it was at the Capitol attack? Now, suddenly, you’ve seen the light of God?

Yeah… no.

I can say all this now. Nearly four years ago, I walked away from the Times Union’s blog portal when my satirical post of you speaking at UAlbany and being awarded a truth award – in contrast to you only speaking whatever truth comes with a financial background – ruffled the feathers of the Trumpian-loving editor of the paper. So I walked away. But I never forgot. And I kept blogging, waiting for the day when you finally got your comeuppance.

Maybe it’s now, when your husband helped create the anti-Trump faction The Lincoln Project. Maybe it’s now, when your own daughter is making TikTok videos that describe how horrible you are as a mother. Maybe it’s now, when you found out that your golden calf is now spewing tons of bullshit.

I mean, this is Kellyanne Conway on January 4th, talking about the Georgia Senatorial runoff election.

“It’s very dangerous to have Washington be controlled by a single party,” oh, you mean like in 2017 when the Republicans had control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency?

Oh yeah, here you are stumping for Chicken Perdue and KKKelly Loeffler. Yeah, that’s going to age well.

Trust me, you seditious harpy. Even your “full statement” posted online still kowtows to Trump.

Let’s blow up a portion of your “full statement,” shall we?

So in Kellyanne’s world, it’s just a few bad apples that invaded the Capitol. Trust me, these were straight-up MAGA and QAnon vultures who were looking to cause maximum damage. These weren’t frat boys trying to steal the lectern from another college’s auditorium. They invaded the Capitol. They killed a Capitol Police officer. Some of them had flex cuffs and were looking for hostages. There was a fucking hangman’s noose erected outside the Capitol, for a possible public show of an execution. All encouraged by your orange goblin leader.

So how about we do this, Kellyanne. Go away. Go back to harvesting cranberries or whatever you did in a prior life. Let your husband take down other seditious termites in the Lincoln Project. Let your daughter keep making her TikTok videos.

Because you’ve shown, in the four years you’ve been in the public view, to be nothing more than an opportunistic cockroach, the equivalent of a Tokyo Rose or an Axis Sally or a Baghdad Bob.

Go away, Kellyanne, and don’t let me hear that you’ve suddenly come to see the light. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, we already saw who you were the first time.

Ain’t no reason to believe you’ve changed your ways.