Feelings on the Capitol Insurrection and Impeachment (guest post by Kris Miller)

Every so often, rather than publish my thoughts and opinions on the world, I’ll let someone of equal intelligence and wit post for a day.

So I’m going to let my son Kris say a few words here about the recent Capitol insurrection, those who condoned it, and the recent impeachment.

All opinions in this blog post are those of Kris Miller. If you don’t like them, I don’t really know what to say to you.

As a veteran, I feel like the people in the riot should have been shot the minute they crossed the barrier. I feel like the Republican party is to blame, the police should be investigated, the active and retired military should be held under UCMJ.

As a Jew, I believe things like Proud Boys, KKK, MAGA, Boogaloo Bois and every other wanna-be rebel losers should be a terrorist group. This is not free speech, this is domestic terrorism. I’m sick and tired of the words “socialism” and “communism” thrown around like some weird fearmongering that w3e don’t know who we are voting for. We allowed this to happen. We’ve allowed this garbage to go on too long until all the nut cases and looney tunes.

Listening to DUI offender Matt Gaetz makes me angry. He is a trashcan. He should be expelled as well as every other Trump supporter.

As the LGBTQI community, he has shit on us. His MAGA people come around and lob insults at us willy nilly. The whole Russia fiasco was proven, he continued to deny it and his uneducated rednecks followed his lead.

Donald Trump is a terrorist. His children are co-conspirators. That includes “why my daddy didn’t love me enough” Eric, Cokey McQanon Don Jr., and Goya Bean Ivanka. They use the word “communism,” but have companies in China. And don’t froget punchable face Jared Kushner.

Ron Johnson, Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz. They are all pawns he has brainwashed and should be removed. Expel them and charge them and hang them, as we do with all traitors.

His press secretaries are liars. He ran his staff like episodes of The Apprentice.

He is a draft dodger, pansy-ass rapist who colluded with one of the biggest sex traffickers of all time.

And yet the people stand behind him, ever reminding us that you can pretend to be religious, but you are a secret pedo and we all know it (you being subjective).

He insults but whines at reporters. He makes racist and foul pot shots at our fellow Americans.

He shit on our war heroes.

He is a treasonous pig. He is NOT what Republicans stand for.

We will never fall to fascism We are not Nazi Germany.

Those are the words from my son Kris.

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