What’s Up in the Neighborhood, January 30 2021

Some updates for you, especially for my fellow bloggers who used to blog on the TImes Union’s portal.

The TU made it official; they’re shutting down their community blogging portal on Friday, February 5. Now if you were a community or independent blogger, and you wish to get your blog archives from the TU, contact Casey Seiler (cseiler@timesunion.com) and tell him so. You may also need to inform him as to whether you want the archives hosted on the TU’s website in perpetuity or removed completely. That’s your call.

Once you establish your independent blog portal, send me a message through my blog, and I will update my blogroll to reflect your new location.

Now that my housekeeping duty is complete, let’s go to the blogroll and see what our fellow bloggers and writers and photographers are up to.

Have a great weekend, everybody!