2021 Thacher Park Nature Show CANCELLED, Trivia Bowl XVII POSTPONED

Apparently COVID-19 hasn’t stopped messing with our world yet.

Some time ago, I mentioned that the Thacher Park Nature Show, in which artists can submit their photos and paintings and sculptures for a special gallery show at the Emma Treadwell Center at Thacher Park, would take place.

That was until I received this notice.

Hello Artists,

I am sorry to say that the Art Show is being cancelled for this year.  With the COVID pandemic worsening the nature center visiting hours have been reduced to only being open to the public on Fri, Sat, & Sun and we are closed to the public on Mon. thru Thurs.  This happened shortly after I sent out the call to all the artists and we deliberated about how to proceed.  Reduced hours would make visitation to the show difficult and the pandemic continues to worsen.  Best to keep everyone safe and aim for next year.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Laurel Toomey-Cole

Yeah, COVID-19 hasn’t stopped.

People. Listen to me. Wear a fucking mask. Keep your social distance. Set up immunization appointments.

Oh yeah, and around this time I would be preparing for the Capital District’s ultimate trivia competition, Trivia Bowl. My Street Academy trivia team has won it twice, and although things have prevented me from participating in the last two events (a scheduling conflict in 2019, a broken ankle in 2020), I had hoped that COVID-19 wouldn’t take this away as well.

Yeah, it’s nice to hope.

From the Trivia Nights Live’s Facebook page:

Been almost a year … and certainly a brutal 12 months since…but people have been asking, so the official word is that Trivia Bowl XVII is postponed indefinitely. But we are convinced it will happen, sometime, somewhere!Stay tuned, try to check out one of our live games and, of course, you can keep the brains in shape with TNL virtual games on Zoom! More to come…


People. Listen to me. Mask. Wear it. Stay safe. Get that inoculation. Socially distance. Don’t hang around with anti-vaxxers and other assorted idiots.

We need to get through this. All of us.

I mean it.