So a Stooge, an IIconic, a Badass and a General walk into a room…

If you haven’t figured it out from reading this blog, I have absolutely adored my return to WHCL-FM after a 35-year absence. So much so, in fact, that I’ve had fun creating my own intertitle sound stingers. You know, where the station identifies itself with a cute musical stinger?

Well, I went a different route. I used an online voice generator to read some text for me, and then I interspersed it with dialogue from movies and television.

Like this triple play one where I got Jack Nicholson, Rudy Giuliani and Curly Howard to spout off about truth.

WHCL-FM, where we always give you the truth.

Next, I snagged an exacerbated interview from pro wrestler Billie Kay, who in the midst of losing a Royal Rumble match and going backstage to gripe about it to a reporter, spouted off two of her iconic (or should I say IIconic) catchphrases about journalism and joking.

“Did you go to Journalism for that?”

If you’ve ever seen the motion picture “Breaker Morant,” or know of the story of his life, it is said that he faced death by firing squad with grace and poise. So naturally, I had to use that scene as a stinger for one of my radio clips.

“Don’t make a mess of it!”

And yesterday, just because I had this idea for a classic stinger … I brought in Mr. Samuel L. Jackson from his critically acclaimed Oscar-winning motion picture Snakes on a Plane – oh, what do you mean it won no Oscars? And since I couldn’t have him spouting off his famous movie line without incurring heavy fines from the FCC, I did a little – shall we say – creative editing.

“Enough is enough!! I have had it with these…”

Yeah, you know I’m having fun with this.

And if stuff like this makes me happy …

Then what’s the harm in it?