Giving thanks, COVID-19 edition.

In another week, I’ll receive my second Pfizer vaccine, and after that, I’ll feel more comfortable about going out and taking lots of photographs and the like.

But for the past year, COVID-19 has been trapped on my psyche, essentially commandeering my life. Of course it has. I don’t want to catch COVID-19. And I don’t want to spread COVID-19.

But now that I know that my inoculation is just around the corner, I have some people and organizations to thank for keeping me sane throughout this madness.

Thank you …

  • Thank you to Best Cleaners and their employees, the laundry service who takes care of my laundry, making sure it’s nicely cleaned and folded and ready to be worn again.
  • Thank you to Price Chopper and their employees, along with their Instacart delivery people, who were able to bring me food and necessities when I couldn’t drive.
  • Thank you to Kevin Baker and Trivia Nights Live, for hosting online trivia games and giving me an outlet to play competitive team trivia again.
  • Thank you to Netflix and Disney+ and all the other streaming services, who were able to provide me with attention-capturing shows like WandaVision, Doom Patrol, The Mandalorian, Snowpiercer and the like.
  • Thank you to Jeremy McNamara, who lent me a soldering kit so that I could teach myself enough soldering to put together a fund-raising artwork for BUILT. And on that note…
  • Thank you to Historic Albany Foundation, for finding a way to have BUILT in 2020.
  • Thank you to Albany Center Gallery, for finding a way to host the 2020 Photo Regionals (and for accepting After the Rain and Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night into the show).
  • Thank you to, for helping me put together some killer magic-motion lenticular artworks that will dominate whenever Competition Season 2021 starts.
  • Thank you to the doctors, nurses and medical staff that have kept me healthy and protected throughout this pandemic.
  • And most of all, thank you, my wonderful blog readers, for keeping in contact and enjoying this daily blog portal. Hopefully I’ve entertained, and hopefully I’ve never disappointed.

This is good. I’m seeing hope. I like that.

Let’s keep going.

I want COVID-19 to remain in my rearview mirror for as long as possible.

Let’s make that so.