I need more Mystery Science Theater 3000 in my life.

The headline says it. Mystery Science Theater 3000, the show that takes old movies and riffs on them – and riffs hard on them – seems to have more lives than a cat.

Originally created as a public access program in Minneapolis, the show was picked up by Comedy Central, and was at one point in time that network’s biggest hit (this was in the pre- South Park days). The show lasted for nearly a decade, then was cancelled – then was revived over at the Sci-Fi Channel for a few years. Then it was cancelled again.

But then, a Kickstarter campaign helped to fund new episodes of MST3K on Netflix, which ran for two hilarious seasons. But that ended.

But now there’s another Kickstarter campaign for new episodes – which would operate on a new MST3K platform independent of networks – and it’s not only reached its main goal, it’s headed toward the surge goals as well.

Here’s the Kickstarter campaign link, if you’re interested.

All I’m saying is, in this crazy-ass world we’re living in now, we need a little bit of snark and satire. We need to see the silhouettes of Joel (or Mike) (or Jonah) and Crow and Tom Servo as they rank on the worst movies of all time.

Trust me, this is one of those “Shut Up and Take My Money” moments. Besides, if they reach their ultimate goal, we’re talking 12 new MST3K movies, 12 new shorts, and an online platform (the Gizmoplex) that would be compatible with most streaming outfits like Apple TV and Roku.

This would be fun. Fun fun fun fun fun.

Now let’s make this happen. MSTies of the world, unite! Who’s with me?