It works with Reese’s, but not with dairy.

Stewart’s shops are part of our Capital District culture. Philadelphians have their Wawa stores, but everybody knows Stewart’s is superior. Well, technically, if you’re from up here, it’s not truly “Stewart’s.” It’s “Storts.” Pronounced as one six-letter word.

Stewart’s offers a series of beverage “refreshers,” 20-ounce plastic bottles of milk and teas and the like. The strawberry milk is delicious, the iced cappuccino can get you through the day, and the even have the “Arnold Palmer” beverage – iced tea mixed with lemonade – in both regular and diet versions.

Now, lately, Stewart’s has been promoting a new limited-edition refresher – a milk that combines chocolate and peanut butter flavorings.

You know, sort of like the dairy version of this.

Okay, so I want to try this. But for some reason, none of the 12 Stewart’s in my local area had this concoction. And trust me, you can’t go two miles in any direction without at least passing the small, neighborhood Stewart’s shops, or the larger ones that also offer gasoline.

But yesterday, I got lucky. After I completed a routine doctor’s appointment, I pulled over to a Stewart’s and picked up a couple of breakfast noshies – and there it was, sitting in the cold drinks area – a 20-ounce “refresher” bottle of Stewart’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk.

Yeah, Chuck’s grabbing that bottle.

Later in the morning, when I actually had a chance to try this concoction. One sip.

Okay. This is different.

Another sip.

Hmm. Not sure what to think.

Okay, let’s drink this baby.

And after three or four glugs down the throat …

Something’s not right.

The beverage didn’t sit well with me. I think the problem is … it was just TOO THICK. You start out with milk itself, then you add chocolate. Chocolate milk by itself is delicious. But then the liquid peanut butter … I’m sorry. It just didn’t feel right.

I finished the 20-ounce bottle off, but I could feel the aftertaste for hours. Had to wash it down with the other refresher I purchased, an Arnold Palmer half-and-half.

Look, I get it. I totally understand. Not every boutique beverage works every time. And unfortunately, peanut butter and chocolate milk was just not one of those taste treats. And the more I thought about it, the more I felt that it just wasn’t a worthwhile drink for me any more.

But don’t give up, Stewart’s. That delicious mixed milk flavor that should work is just around the corner. I don’t know, maybe milk and diet soda? Milk with orange juice? Milk with Kool-Aid?

But not milk with chocolate and peanut butter. Nice try.