A first meal at the last HoJo’s.

Yesterday was a bit of a photo day for me, I went into the North Country with one of my film cameras and took some pictures here and there. Once the images are developed, I hope you will enjoy seeing them.

But on the way back home, I was feeling a bit peckish. Hungry. Famished. Starved. Etc.

I was in Lake George at the time, and there it was. Howard Johnson’s was open and offering breakfast and lunch.

For those of you who might seem confused and might be thinking I’m talking about the legendary New York Met, no. Howard Johnson’s used to to be a chain of family restaurants, all with their distinctive orange-painted roofs. Delicious family fare, trust me on this.

For a very long time, Howard Johnson’s was the undisputed travel restaurant chain, with eateries along every highway and motorway. But over time, the restaurants closed, one by one. Only the Lake George HoJo’s is still operational.

Operational or not, Chuck wants food.

I stopped in. Since it’s not yet tourist season in Lake George, the place was empty. The head server asked what I would like to eat and where I would like to sit.

Now, mind you, despite us slowly emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, I have not really sat in any restaurant or eatery and dined at their tables. I’m still skittish about that. But there was no on else in the restaurant. I ordered an egg sandwich with home fries, and chose a window seat.

I must tell you, the egg sandwich was delicious, and I want that recipe for their home fries – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Yum-o. Price was reasonable, and I left a decent tip.

And there it was. My first successful meal consumed inside a restaurant. Not ordered from a restaurant and eaten at home, or eaten in my car.

Look, everybody goes through this slow COVID-19 recovery at their own pace.

This is my pace. Slow but steady.