My entries for the 2021 Big E photography competition

While COVID-19 clobbered all my usual photo competition events, the Big E held a series of online photo competitions, each one with a specific theme. My photo of the Jericho Drive-In – which at that time, was being used to host a high school graduation – claimed a best in category and, technically, its own blue ribbon in one of the competitions. This is a good thing.

But now it’s time to come up with entries for 2021. I am allowed two entries for the event; I can enter a third entry if that third entry is part of a themed category, which this year is themed on “20.” I can also enter an additional photo if that picture has a Massachusetts farm as the subject material.

You know what? I’m good. Two images is just fine.

And I’m allowed to enter images so long as they were taken after August 1, 2019. So photos I had considered for the 2020 event are still eligible. Although, at this point, I have to choose my two best images.

The Big E has a system where entries are judged on their technical merit, rather than against each other. So getting a blue ribbon in this competition means that your image is both technically and creatively excellent. So I need to pull my two best shots.

With that in mind, I went with these two images for submission.

So here’s my thinking. I only get to enter two images this year. And right now, Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night is on a “enter it everywhere” plan, as is Strasburg Number 90.

But you say you see three images there?

Well, yeah. Since Graduation with a Bang won its competition last year in the online-only portion of the Big E, I’ve been asked to present it as a physical copy so that it can be displayed with the rest of the entrants.

So one way or another, I’m getting artwork on the walls of the New England Center this year. And even better, I know at least one of them will get a nice shiny ribbon for its efforts.

Maybe two of them.

Maybe three of them.

Who knows??