Are you REALLY a Fox News reporter? Because something seems a bit off here…

Walter Masterson is a New York City-based comedian and satirist. And he’s been having a tremendous amount of fun lately in trolling the far-right. Why, who would suspect a man who’s wearing a button-down shirt and cargo shorts, all festooned with the stars and stripes, of being a provocateur?

I mean, have you NEVER heard the old Stuttering John interview clips on the Howard Stern show?

Trust me, Masterson has had some serious fun in doing this. Like the time when he trolled some anti-vaxxers who were protesting outside of a hospital.

Or that time when he and his camera buddy infiltrated the Matt Gaetz / Marjorie Taylor Greene rally on the beach and squeezed off this classic prank.

I love it. Marjorie Taylor Greene just standing there with her hobbit feet in the sand, two thumbs up like she’s channeling her inner Fonzie, while Matt Gaetz suddenly realizes that his photo op with a star-spangled supporter has suddenly turned into a prank.

But then, there’s this clip. And you need to understand – watch this clip, but understand that what you’re seeing ISN’T what you think it is.

Okay. Understand something. I don’t recognize that Fox reporter. Not that I’m sitting around watching Fox News all the time, or in fact ever, but it seems odd that the “reporter” is just sitting there, chilling, talking about all this behind-the-scenes stuff with vaccines and whatnot, and throwing in that dig about moron viewers would change the channel to OAN and Newsmax if Fox told them that vaccines were necessary.

Seems just a WEE bit too iffy.

And that microphone … are those decals on the microphone panels? Like, print ’em out on your home computer with Avery labels decals?

Yep, that’s Walter Masterson as the “Fox reporter.” Psyche.

Now, here’s the thing. Those of you who read my blog (which, from the surveys I’ve done, I have some of the most intelligent blog commenters out there) would instantly understand that something seems fishy here. That’s because you’re smart. You have the ability to figure out that this is satire. That it’s deductive reasoning. It’s a goof. You think a Fox News reporter will just say that, and the reporter is NEVER identified by name? And he’s not walking away to protect his job status?

Here’s the thing. Not everything posted on the Internet is the gospel truth. Sometimes it’s lies, sometimes it’s falsehoods, and sometimes it’s just satire.

Hey, on the positive, at least the reporter didn’t ask their interviewee if, while up to bat, someone let one rip in the catcher’s face.

Just sayin’ is all.