How to beat the “milk crate challenge.”

Apparently this is now the new viral trend. And it’s a painful one at that.

Here’s how it works.

A set of plastic milk crates are stacked into a pyramid. The goal is to walk up the pyramid of milk crates and walk down the pyramid of milk crates. Sounds simple, right?

Yeah, no.

As you walk up the milk crate pyramid, you develop more and more instability with every step. And one wrong wobble later, and…

Well, you watch this young man try it.


I don’t know what was more painful – slipping off that milk crate, or taking a milk crate in the tailbone on the way down to the ground.

And even if you make it all the way up to the top of the pyramid, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make it down safely, or even if someone decides that you shouldn’t make it down safely.

All I’m saying is that as crazy as this is, there are people who have reached that seventh milk crate and descended the pyramid safely. Like my man Tee, for instance.

Then this lady beats the Milk Crate Challenge by walking up and down the pyramid in a set of pumps. Apparently those who can wear these shoes already have to deal with a higher center of gravity. And look fashionable in doing so.

Then there’s this cool cat, who won’t let the Milk Crate Challenge interfere with his next smoke.

And if one hearty soul can complete the Milk Crate Challenge, why not have two people do it – and pass each other at the summit?

Now, me, I’m not messing around with that. I’ve had two foot surgeries, I don’t need to visit the orthopedist again.

But … wow. Milk crates in a pyramid.

That’s just nuts.

Who needs to climb Mount Everest when you can summit a set of plastic carriers?

Tenzing Norgay would be impressed. I suppose. 😀