The Yonder Farms Mask Rack

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a local farm stand. Amongst all the vegetables and mums for sale, I found several old farm crates. I asked if I could purchase one. $5 later, it was in my car.

Take a look.

Now that looks nice.

It’s just a simple pine box crate. Nothing major. But I have an idea. And it’s perfect for our current times.

I removed the slats and base, leaving one end fully intact. And the interior was held together with 45-degree planks, so I simply screwed in some hanging brackets…

Next, I’ll add a little hanging wire to the back … and in the front, I’ll put in some hooks.

And what’s a nice, light thing to hang on hooks like these?

You guessed it. Fresh, clean, face masks. And I’ve got a few.

This works for me. It’s a simple craft project, it took less than a day to complete, and now I don’t have to worry about trying to find where a clean mask might be (is it in the sock drawer, is it in the laundry hamper, did I leave one in the car, etc.).

Yeah, this definitely works.