Treat your ride share drivers with respect.

From time to time, I’ll rely on Uber to get me from Point A to Point B. They helped me tremendously when I couldn’t drive due to my various eye and foot surgeries, and they helped me when I needed to get to places where parking wasn’t always guaranteed (i.e., during a snowstorm).

That being said, Uber and Lyft drivers are just trying to do their job. They make pennies on the actual charge of the ride, and even the tips they make can range from decent to insulting.

Take the case of this New York Lyft driver, who had to put up with – shall we say – a very vulgar customer. And point of clearance – the language in this video is graphic and disturbing.

The Lyft driver has the patients of Job, I’ll tell you that. And later on, thanks to this video going viral, the loudmouth knuckle-dragging passenger was fired from his job.

Look, I could go on about how our economy right now is suffering from the pandemic and all the crapola we went through in the past few years. But don’t take out your frustration on hardworking men and women who are trying to put food on their table and not silencing your gift of gab with a gift of jab.

And, come on, dude. You gotta claim that you’re being racially profiled and subjugated, while at the same time you’re throwing around racial epithets that should have caused your mouth to be washed out with soap? And the bon mot of this souffle – he invoked the “I voted for Trump” statement. As if that made him impervious to criticism or critique.

Nope. It just meant that you’re probably going to be driving for Lyft when whatever GoFundMe page you’ve set up barely nets you $25 in donations.

We are in very difficult times. And ride-share drivers are just trying to do their best. All they want to do is get you from Point A to Point B as safely as possible. They will treat you with respect.

At least have the common decency to do the same.