Chronicles of Change – the New York State Museum film

As a kid, I enjoyed visiting the New York State Museum. At the time, the Museum had moved from its previous location at the State Education Building on Washington Avenue, and was now in a modern building. There were dioramas of life in the Adirondacks in the new building, and they were just adding exhibits on New York City.

But before I visited the museum, I would always take a moment and watch this one introductory film that played on a loop in the Museum gallery. It was a film called “Chronicles of Change,” and it used the old Paul Winter Consort album Icarus as the soundtrack for the evolution of life in our great Empire State.

I had originally thought the film to be lost.

On a lark, I visited YouTube, punched in “Chronicles of Change” in the search engine …

And I just went back in time to the late 1970’s.

Give me about 15 minutes. I need this.

Originally, I thought the film had been lost. But, in all honesty, nothing is ever lost on the Internet.

If you’ll excuse me … I want to watch this again.

And maybe one more time. Because to see this again, I’m back in high school, I just finished class at Street Academy on Clinton Avenue, I walked down Swan Street to the staircase, then walked up the staircase to the Alfred E. Smith Building, then walked through the underground corridor to the Capitol, and then from the Capitol through the Empire State Plaza Concourse … and once again, I’m at the Museum, and once again, I’m a happy, carefree kid.

And I’m seriously good with that.