What Squid Game taught me about cryptocurrency.

I am not a fan of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, all those other -coins, I have no use for them. The value goes up and down more often than a rocket-powered elevator, and the only people I’ve ever seen get enthusiastic about crypto are the ones who already have cryptocurrency and want you to invest in it as well.

Now, recently, there’s been this TV show on Netflix that has developed a bit of popularity. You know it. Squid Game. That South Korean drama that borrows heavily from TV shows like Survivor and Lost, comics like Battle Royale, and movies like The Hunger Games and The Running Man. Essentially, people play children’s games – where you play to survive, or you die. Game over. No reset button. And in the end, someone wins billions of won. It’s a South Korean show, of COURSE they’re going to win billions of won.

But here’s the thing. Won is a physical currency. According to Gizmodo, someone out there announced that a new Squid Game-based cryptocurrency was available for purchase. You couldn’t purchase the Squidcoins on whatever normal bitcoin platforms are out there; there was only one locale where the Squidcoins were available – and here’s the kicker – you could only PURCHASE the Squidcoins, but you couldn’t SELL them.

That’s like giving a bank your money, and then they won’t give it back when you request it.

Sounds scammy.

Real scammy.

Well, turns out, a few days later – also reported by Gizmodo – the people behind the Squidcoin cryptocurrency took all the money that was invested – $2.1 million – and shut down the site and ran away. Anybody holding Squidcoins – well, that currency is now totally worthless. Blockchain that.

So, you know what? I’m going to create my own cryptocurrency. I can do that. If these thieves can do it, so can I.

Everybody please feel free to invest in Chuckycoin.

Chuckycoin will sell for $5.000 per coin. In exchange for your $5,000 (payable to me, Chuck Miller), you will receive one digital “coin.” That coin can only be used to purchase items on this blog page. Oh, wait. I don’t have anything for sale on this blog page. Well, I’ll hold onto your $5,000 until I do put something on there.

Maybe a Chuck Miller artwork that would sell for a minimum of 5 Chuckycoins. That’s a bargain. Only 5 Chuckycoins. And you don’t need to worry about robed guards with PlayStation logos on their foreheads walking around and shooting you.

I guess what I need to say right now is…

Don’t fall for cryptocurrency scams. That’s all they are. If somebody’s that eager for you to invest in bitcoin or dogecoin or any of those coins, it’s because they want your money.

So anyway, how about buying some Chuckycoins? They’re Chuckycheap… 😀