The Emergency Driver for Equinox 2021

Long-time readers of my blog know that around this time of year, I volunteer as a driver for the local Equinox charity. In other words, I deliver tasty Thanksgiving dinners to those in need, whether they be in the inner cities or in the hill towns. This is what I do. It’s who I am.

This year, Equinox is still doing their COVID-safety preparation for meals. Instead of a big kitchen at the Empire State Plaza and long lines of deliverypeople along the concourse, drivers are instructed to pick up the meals at various local reception points and take the food to the destinations.

Well, this year, there’s a new twist.

As part of Equinox’s COVID-safety delivery system, the meals are delivered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ofThanksgiving week.

I’m delivering on Thursday. See, my meals are “emergency” meals, either last-minute trips for people who called Equinox’s Thanksgiving hotline at the last minute, or for people who had a problem or a difficulty in receiving their meals earlier in the week.

And with that in mind, I have absolutely no idea where I’m delivering this year. I could go to Catskill, I could go to Corinth. I could go to Cambridge, I could go to Clifton Park.

But as far as I’m concerned, it’s not where I’m going, or how long it takes. All that matters is that I deliver the meals. If we can at least provide some happiness and joy this holiday season, then let’s do it.

I will admit. I’ve had my share of adventures and moments in delivering turkey dinners on Thanksgiving. Rescuing a pitbull that was left in a frozen truckbed. Being mistaken for Santa Claus by a little girl when I delivered meals to her family’s house. That one time in Fonda where I saw a herd of goats break through a fence and go running down the street.

But, most importantly, the food is delivered. Nice and fresh. This is my choice. This is my wish. This is my goal. Bring the food from point A to point B and bring holiday cheer in the process.

And you know I have to prepare for this. I still have my Equinox Thanksgiving Day baseball cap. Gotta wear that. And the satellite radio on my car should start broadcasting Christmas music, so that must play while I’m driving. Full tank of gas in Dracourage. I might need it, for all I know I could have a double-dip trip from Saugerties to Port Henry.

This is my personal holiday tradition. Do something good for your fellow human. Don’t expect anything in return, other than the satisfaction of a completed task.

48 hours from delivery time.

Let’s do this.