Lauren Boebert is a Thanksgiving turkey

Lauren Boebert is a member of Congress, she’s part of the “Troll Caucus” of herself, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar and Kevin McCarthy. They’re the ones whose main goal in life is to glorify Trump, demean Biden, and spew racist, homophobic and bigoted crapola whenever someone gives them a chance. Oh, yeah, and they defend QAnon. That alone should prove that they haven’t got the brain cells God gave gumballs.

Case in point. Apparently over the Thanksgiving holiday, Boebert returned to her home district in Colorado, and at some Thanksgiving Day event, she decided to share a little anecdote about one of her fellow members of Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn).

What the screaming fuck?

I should be shocked that Boebert rattled off this crass, disgusting piece of racist hatred, but then again, this is Boebert’s go-to tactic when speaking about her Congressional colleague.

Yep, that’s Boebert spewing the same old lies and crap, suggesting that Ilhan Omar married her own brother. That’s been debunked so many times. But people are willing to believe something if it justifies their hatred of someone.

The response back was immediate and justified. And Boebert tried to walk her statements back with the oldest “apology that’s not an apology” in the book.

By saying “I’m sorry to anyone I offended,” is suggesting that she’s only apologizing IF someone was offended. Not “I’m sorry for my bigoted, hurtful words.” And her comment about reaching out to Rep. Omar’s office is as weak as water soup; you can’t just break a dinner plate and say “whoops,” and hope the host has a replacement plate and will sweep up the broken plate pieces.

For her part, Rep. Omar wasn’t having any of it. She gave Boebert a little “fact-check” on the elevator story.

But here’s the thing. That campaign rally Boebert held in Colorado was so vulgar, so full of hatred and xenophobia and gay-bashing, all she needed was an orange toupee, an extra-long red tie, and about 400 pounds on her body, and the MAGAs in the audience would think that Trump was visiting their little session.

For example, check out these comments Boebert made about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Chestfeed. That’s right, she said chestfeed. Yeah, that’s a five-star laff riot at the Open Mike at Yuk Yuk’s.

And it’s not the first time she’s used that homophobic, derogatory slur against the Secretary of Transportation.

Maybe she forgot that Pete Buttigieg served our country in the Middle East. You know, that makes him a veteran. And Boebert claims that she supports veterans. I guess she only supports the veterans that give her money for her campaign.

Of course, we know Boebert is hosting a campaign rally with comments like this. This is just a simpering ploy to get more donations. Just like the taunting T-shirt Boebert wore at that rally. In case you can’t read it, it says, “Guns Don’t Kill People // Alec Baldwin Does.”

The fact of the matter is, Lauren Boebert is a racist, bigoted troll. She’s as useless as a football bat, and her only skill in life seems to be greasing the crowds of racists and bigots to give her their money.

Ugh. She’s a troll, pure and simple.

She doesn’t need a seat in Congress.

She needs to go back under the bridge and talk to the billy goats gruff.