“You met another, and PFFT you were gone.”

If you’re old enough to remember a program named Hee Haw, just remembering it can bring a smile to your face. The show was full of cornpone humor, sort of a Laugh-In for the redneck set. Plenty of quick, snappy gags and one-liners, interspersed with legendary country music and bluegrass performances.

And did I mention the regular gags? This was one of my favorites. Archie Campbell would sing some corny lament about his relationship falling apart. Then he would nudge his co-singer, Gordie Tapp, and the two would burst into a yowling rendition of the refrain, “Where, oh where are you tonight // why did you leave me here all alone // I searched the world over and thought I found true love // you met another, and pfft you were gone.”

Trust me, this is funny stuff.


This was a fun running gag. So much so, that after a while, the gag was modified so that instead of Archie Campbell duetting with Gordie Tapp, he would sing the chorus with whomever was that week’s Hee Haw musical guest.

For example … how about Archie Campbell and Minnie Pearl?

Or Archie Campbell and Johnny Cash, who seemed to have a coconut-custard-something planned for the stinger of the song.

Or if Archie Campbell was busy, Gordie Tapp would sing the intro verse. Here he is with special musical guest Ronnie Milsap.

You could tell these guys were having a blast with this. Here’s a clip where the revealed co-singer is George “Goober” Lindsey, hamming it up for all it’s worth.

And I suspect that when the cast got a bit goofy, they left the mistakes in the broadcast. You could tell that even the goof-ups were funny as all hell.

I mean, these sketches got to the point where Archie Campbell could barely hold it together, depending on who was singing alongside him. And in the case of Misty Rowe, “singing” is a charitable claim.

This one has a bit of a twist. You’re expecting Archie Campbell and Gordie Tapp to do the duet, but at the last second, Gordie steps out of frame, to be replaced by the buxom Barbi Benton.

So I hope that this bit of cornpone eyebleach brought a smile to your face and lots of giggles for the rest of the day. Truly fun stuff here. 😀