Simple tips to win at Wordle

It’s official. I’ve gotten hooked on the online word game Wordle. Each day, a new five-letter puzzle shows up, and I have to guess the word in six tries. Getting the word right allows me to brag about my accomplishments on social media. And I’ve done pretty well for myself in that. Well, not bragging about it on social media, but watching everyone else brag about it, and smiling that I got the word right in fewer tries, or grumbling that I could barely eke out the word in six tries and others have gotten it in three.

So I’ve developed a few strategies to win at Wordle, and I’m sharing them with you today.

  • Understand that you can only enter actual words into the Wordle boxes. You can’t post AEIOU and hope that it will at least tell you all the vowels. Wordle will reject AEIOU and ask you to choose again.
  • You’re looking for green-backed letters in Wordle – which means that you’ve got the correct letter in the correct spot. A yellow-backed letter means that you’ve got the correct letter for the word, but it’s in the wrong spot. Grey-backed letters means that those letters are not in today’s word. So if your first word is all grey letters, look down at the Wordle keyboard at the bottom of the screen – those letters are greyed out, so you won’t need to use them again.
  • Start with a word that has common letters and two vowels – like STAIR or ROUND or DREAM, something with two vowels. If your first word is completely greyed out (i.e., STAIR), chose a word that has two vowels but none of the other letters in the mix (if STAIR isn’t useful, try BLOKE or another unique word).
  • Understand that Wordle will have words that contain double letters. So if your O is listed as a correct entry, be aware that it could be part of a double-letter word, like GROOM or SPOOL.
  • Don’t be afraid to use those high-point Scrabble letters like X, Z, J, Q and K. But only if you’ve exhausted all other possibilities. If you’ve got N-I-E-F and the N-I are green and the E-F are yellow, it’s a good choice to try KNIFE.
  • These are common five-letter words. They’re not mysterious five-letter words that only Scrabble players know. Don’t over-think it.
  • And if you get frustrated and miss the word, and you’re watching everyone else on social media post that they got the word in three tries, in two tries, all of that … go to a second computer, start up Wordle, and just post the correct word as your first guess. Then post to everyone that you got the word correct in one try. Nobody needs to know that it’s really your SEVENTH try… 😀

So there you are. Simple tricks and strategies on playing Wordle. Have fun.

Oh, and one other thing. Don’t post the correct word on social media. That’s like putting out spoilers on Marvel movies. Bad form.