The NEBA Roast Beef – Mike’s Submarines Latch Hook Project, March 20 2022 progress

Damn it, I ran out of bronze.

And I’m also running short on green.

And why this corner of my artwork requires light lavender, and all I have are strands of dark lavender and regular lavender … ugh.

Such is the adventures of working on this big latch hook rug project. The left side of the rug – where I’m still putting yarn in that replicates the lower portion of the 1960’s-era postcard of a NEBA Roast Beef / Mike’s Giant Submarines drive-in restaurant that originally existed at the corners of Central and Colvin Avenues in Albany.

So while I’m waiting for Herrschner’s to send me new batches of bronze and green and light lavender – and waiting for their customary five to seven business days shipping – I started working up the right side of the rug. The Mike’s Submarines side of the rug.

And I have to say, I definitely made some decent progress. So I’m not going to complain too loudly.

The crazy thing is, if you do a latch hook rug while half-watching a TV show, the project moves quite quickly. Which is what I want. Quick and efficient. Give me that and I will be happy.

So here’s how far I’ve gotten, and you can compare last week’s efforts to this week’s completion. Thanks to the wonders of WordPress, you can see the progress by sliding the slider left and right.

Would you look at that. I’ve got more of a reflection of the Mike’s Submarines sign, as well as several of their hanging lamps. And as I build up the right side of the rug, I’m adding more of the black-white piping that will create an ersatz border for my artwork.

We’re getting there. Each time I do this Sunday recap of my progress, I see more and more completion. I can’t really spot it on a day-by-day basis, but when it’s spaced out over a week … man, that’s a lot of hooking right there.

Okay, now for the “square a day” progress report. Every blue-bordered square on the canvas equals 100 yarns. And I’m equating my progress with this goal. Every day, clear at least one 100-yarn square. If you clear two 100-yarn squares, you’ve improved your target goal by a day.

As of March 13, last week’s blog post, doing one blue-squared area per day would set my final target at February 3, 2023.

After last week’s output, it looks like my target moved … to March 12, 2023.

Oh, that’s not good. Must work harder. That, and anticipate when I’m going to run out of a certain color, and order it from Herrschner’s two weeks in advance.

But hey, we’re still making progress, so there’s that.

But it puts me back behind the 8-ball in terms of making my goal. Finishing the rug by mid-October 2022 could get it entered at BUILT. Finishing by September 1 could also give it a chance for an appearance at the Durham Fair. If I can pull this together by August 1 … hello Altamont Fair.

So let’s get back to hooking and stop wasting time, Miller.

Just checking the mailbox now. Hoping for a package of navy blue strands. Or some bronze, or light lavender, two other colors I ran short on with this project.

Let’s see if we can reach those goals.